Avaiz Ahmad

Avaiz Ahmad campaigns for creating awareness on Fundamental Rights

Every human being in here is born with certain rights, which gives us a pattern of living. These rights are called as Fundamental Rights which every human inherits within themselves by birth. It is very important to know our right but still we lack in acknowledging our basic rights. Our fundamental rights has been inserted in Part 3 of the Constitution of India from Article 12 to Article 35 by Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar. Despite of being enlisted we still lack the knowledge of our own rights.

Taking every possible step for social benefit, Avaiz Tazim Ahmad, a young ambedkarite, along with his organisation, Lion Group of India has yet again taken an initiative to spread the knowledge of our basic rights to each and every individual, specially children and women, who are the main victims of the society.

Through this campaign they have distributed around 1 lakh brochures which contains the whole of Fundamental Rights provided in the constitution. The brochure is printed in English as well as Hindi language, so that it becomes easier for the people of rural areas to understand. He also plans to inset these rights in the syllabus of every school and colleges where it is given utmost importance. From children to elderly and from government to private institutions, Part 3 of the constitution acknowledges one’s right in deep.

Avaiz Ahmad has worked on numerous movements against central and state governments, such as CAA NRC protest, Toxic Drug-Free India protest to the recent Farm Laws repeal, he participated in every possible way to stand with humanity. He has provided helping hand to those affected by riots caused during the protest of CAA NRC at many places throughout the country. Further more, he has also done movements for the welfare of female rape victims, to bring them justice.

Recently, the Chief Justice of India, Mr. N.V.Ramana condemned the increase in police brutality cases. He quoted that it is a threat to human rights. Further he added, “Accessing justice in India is not merely an aspirational goal. We need to work hand in hand with various wings of the government to make it a practical reality.”

Avaiz Ahmad quotes, “My fight has always been for equal rights and social welfare.” In addition, they are promoting and supporting various childcare and women protection programs, this foundation offers relief to abused, abandoned, and neglected children. Their main objective is to ensure the rights of every woman, child, and adult are protected and to promote effective practices so that each one has the opportunity regardless of gender, appearance, ability, social and financial background.

Avaiz Ahmad and his organization is immensely focused on the process of bringing positive changes in the areas of health, education, environment, cleanliness, and other areas of social welfare and equality.

Avaiz Ahmad has been working rigorously to scale down insensitivity towards human being in the society. He aims to bring in the knowledge of people their rights so they can live a life with respect and dignity irrespective of their caste, religion, gender etc. When people lack in knowing their own rights, they are being influenced in the wrong direction which leads to unwanted circumstances. It is a basic knowledge which one must possess and people like Avaiz Ahmad have taken a great step towards it and we are grateful for his contributions in social welfare.


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