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To work for the welfare of the society by providing helping hand to the oppressed. Bring societal changes by challenging unjust rules and regulations creating discrimination. To work for the betterment of educational and medical sector.


Avaiz  Ahmad is the Grandson of Freedom Fighter Dr. Ibrahim Ahmad Ansari (independence activists and was an outspoken supporter of the Khilafat movement during the Indian Independence Movement) and Son of Tazim Ahmad, ( Samajwadi Party leader, active in Western Uttar Pradesh who is a well known writer of Hindi and Urdu having an impact for last 20 years).

Avaiz  Ahmad is currently the President of The Human Diary Foundation, An Organization of Social Research & Development, works in the fields of healthcare, education and eradication of poverty. He is The Chairman & Managing Director of The International Prime Media Pvt. Ltd., which is focused on the real news from the ground which affects the general public in Digital Platform.

He is also the President of  Lion Group of India, An Organization focus on Community Development and Creating a De-addicted India, an awareness program against the drug addiction across the country and started a helpline number as well as arranging hospitalization/Rehabilitation center facility to addicted youth. Also providing Wheel Chair to Healthcare Centers and Hospitals in Rural India. He is also has been working as a Social Activist for the welfare of the people since last 7 years. He has been a Former Executive Editor of Mid-Day, an English language daily newspaper.

President, The Human Diary Foundation

An Organization of Social Research and Development. Human Diary Foundation is focusing on complete poverty eradication & aiming at a strategy for the development of the social sector. Its key component is universal primary education, a shelter for all homeless poor people and a complete medical facility for them who die on the street without any extended hand for help. Come together with us and extend your hand for Humanity. Feel the pain of helpless people. 

Chairman & Managing Director of The International Prime Media Pvt. Ltd

A digital Platform for News & Current Affairs

President, Lion Group of India

Lion Group of India, a non-profit and charitable organisation, founded by Avaiz Tazim Ahmad. The organisation focuses on the development and creating awareness on toxicity of drugs and de-addicting the people involved in it. Influenced by the vision of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar and Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, the organisation works to protect the morality of the constitution, mainly empowering the youth and female population of the country. It functions on improving the health and education system by making various contributions in the two sectors.

The organisation has provided free ambulance services (Mohalla Clinic) and free wheelchair distribution, 1000 approx. every year to healthcare institutions in west of Uttar Pradesh. Now they plan to provide this services pan India. They have also done many campaigns to intoxicate people suffering from consumption of toxic drugs. Providing awareness about rehabilitation centres and helping the centres in every way possible.

Lion Group of India, with regards to education, campaigns on creating awareness about Fundamental Rights embodied under the Constitution of India. It has distributed a booklet of rights in Hindi and English languages. They have distributed around 1 lakh booklets to people in rural India. The group also plans to institute the Fundamental Rights in the syllabus of every school and college where it emphasizes the rights and every citizen is acknowledged of their rights. 

Former Managing Editor, Mid-Day English Daily

Managed the Editorial of the Newspaper for almost 3 years as the capacity of Managing Editor and focused on stories which is affecting the common man.


MA in Political Science
Mumbai University


30 Years (28th July 1992)


Entrepreneur, Philanthropist,  Independent Scholar & Research Associate